Established in 1960 ML Jaeschke and Co is a family owned business ran by the Jaeschke family in the Hill River Valley, near Clare in South Australia. Currently managed by Craig & Grant Jaeschke the brothers oversee the daily operations and deal with clients direct.

Jaeschke Farms are located in the Clare Valley of South Australia in an area known as Hill River.

The Hill River are is known for its cooler climate and long seasons. Averaging altitude of 440 – 520 meters is a key point in the area maintain a very unique sub climate. With an average annual rainfall of 600mm this makes for a very suitable are to conduct intensive high yielding agriculture practises.

The broad acre farm sits on 3500ha and produces the following: oil seeds, pulses, cereals and cereal hay all grown for sale in domestic and export markets.

A portion of the properties is un-arable and therefore lends itself to the production of livestock as we currently hold a 5000 head sheep production. With longer springs the area lends itself to turning off excellent quality lambs and an abundance of feed which helps contribute to clean high quality wools.

In addition the business has also diversified into the chicken industry. Consisting of four broiler sheds being built to produce fresh chicken for gourmet poultry. The broiler farm turns out 1.1 million chickens per annum and around 2000 tonnes of litter which is essential for the health of our broad acer farming soils. Our belief is that ‘if you look after your soil, your soil will look after you’

The Jaeschke family purchased a vineyard in 2010 and have a cellar door located near the Hay site. Please visit their website for more information.